How it works

Webcall is service for connect two people. It provides simply and absolutely free video call.

What I need?

You need only webcam and microphone connected to your computer. Both things are usualy built into laptops. This same things need your buddy with whom you want to call.

How can I call my friend?

It is very simple - just click on button "start webcall" below. Your internet browser can ask you for sharing your webcam and microphone - this dialog is showed for safe your privacy and if you want to call you have to accept share or enable these two things for this page. Then you can see small image from your webcam and you can check if you are on that image.

There is unicate generated link under your image now. Something like this:

This link you can send to your friend. He or she has to confirm enable webcam and microphone and then webcall can start.

Is it safety?

Yes, nobody else can join your call. Safety is priority in this service, so you can use it without worries.


Ok, let's start!

Start webcall

Any question?

Please contact us and we will glad to help you.